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Product Description

2018 New masterpiece『T-HOP UP SYSTEM』​!!
This product "T-HOP UP SYSTEM" is a high-end modification, players can have more DIY space, suitable for top players to use. Of course, we also take into account the needs of the general players, the product is also produced complete sets of sales, the same maintained T-N.T. style : regular, straight install, free modification, high compatibility. We hope "T-HOP UP SYSTEM" can bring you the best possible results in less time and spend more time enjoying the fun.

"T-HOP UP SYSTEM" in the hardware to make some changes:

●HOP-UP bucking part :
Strengthen the internal part of the area, no dots design. With the aluminum CNC curved pressure block, BB can have a greater force area to produce higher on the rotation efficiency.
◎AEG:Correspond to the market of conventional AEG series.
◎GBB:With T-N.T. produced sections of the CNC HOP chamber, corresponds to the major brand GBB.
◎SNIPER:Almost all sections of the sniper rifle are applicable.
◎TW SYSTEM:With a dedicated CNC aluminum pressure block.

● T-N.T. Precision air-cushion inner barrel part :
As well as maintaining the T-N.T. patent - outlet air-cushion design, extend the length of the HOP-UP push down area, rubber shrink area design, so that rubber elasticity is more functional, and not because of the pressure cause deformation.

●HOP pressure block part :
Aluminum CNC precision manufacturing curved pressure block, the design of the chamfering of the front and rear sides, not due to under pressure cause deformation. The top can be replaced with the individual preferences of different elasticity of the pressure bar, change the overall elasticity or left and right by fine tuning to get a precise loading position, smooth under pressure and then make the trajectory more accurate and extended, even if the low kinetic energy can still control the heavier BB, to achieve the effect of wind resistance and extension range.

The "T-HOP UP System" of course also maintain the consistent style of T-N.T. : conventional, direct installation, free modification, high compatibility. We wish everyone available the shortest possible time to achieve the best results, with more time to enjoy the fun.

"T-HOP UP System" allows you to the your battlefield or shooting target, we hope bring for you to create greater room for adjustment, towards a smaller range of CTC result.



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TNT APS-X Hop-Up System Kit for GHK AK 6.03 320MM (AK105)

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