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  Our Price: USD$88.00
SAS SDU coverall Gen2 replica by TGC (Size: L-5XL in stock)

SAS SDU coverall Gen2 replica by TGC (Size: L-5XL in stock)

In SAS CRW tactical gear, Normex coverall provides frame resistance to the whole body. It is a basic tactical gear for every CRW assaulter from 80’s till today. 
TGC decided to make a cotton version coverall for airsoft players and collectors to complete their SAS impression. There are many different design and colour of SAS coverall in several period, TGC reproduced the best known version and colour of SAS coverall.
The manufacturer and materials we choose also produces Caterpillar uniform, so this is a high standard replica. The material is tough and breathable at the same time. Extra reinforced lining located in critical area.
 TGC aims to promote SAS CRW reenactment activities. We know the Normex coverall is not cheap and hard to find. So we set the price at a reasonable level. TGC wants the collectors to wear this replica in Airsoft game or reenactment activity without concern of damaging it. 

"日本国よりご注文のお客様へ。日本国向けのTGCブランド商品の販売は、公式代理店であるPagodaTroopAirsoft社との専属販売契約を結んでおる都合上、ご注文をお受けすることは出来ません。(ご注文はキャンセル、返金となります) つきましては にて御求め下さい。"

M  - 5’4 to 5’6 tall 167.5cm (Pre-order Mid Nov2017)
L     -5’6-5’8 tall 172.5cm (Pre-order Mid Nov2017)
XL   -5’8- 5’9 tall 175.5cm (Pre-order Mid Nov2017)

XXL -5’9-5'10 tall (Pre-order Mid Nov2017)
XXXL -5’10-6' tall (Pre-order Mid Nov2017)
XXXXL -6’1-6'10 tall (In stock now)
XXXXXL -6’11-7'2 tall (In stock now) 


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