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Product Description

  • Flash, Red dot & silencer not included
  • Fully Licensed Product by Ronin Tactics, Agency Arms, Syndicate and Lone Wolf Arms
  • CNC Aluminum Slide with Ronin Tactics' Signature Dragon Scale Design
  • Optics Ready Out of the Box with CNC Steel Raised Iron Sights
  • CNC Stainless Steel Agency Arms Premier Outer Barrel with 14mm CCW Threading with PVD Coating Finish
  • Adjustable Syndicate (By Agency Arms) Trigger
  • CNC Ronin Red Slide Plate
  • Shark Scales Faux Stippled Frame
  • Ambidextrous, Reversible Magazine Release Button
  • Multi-Magazine Compatibility
  • Guide Hop System Pre-installed
  • Blacked Out Inner Barrel for Added Realism
  • Includes Two Additional Back Straps For Different Grip Profile
  • Glock Holster Compatibility

After the release of the RWA Agency Arms EXA, RWA heard the fans, introducing the RWA Agency Arms Ronin Pistol!

The RWA Agency Arms Ronin Pistol is based on the tried and true EXA Pistol with a few upgrades. Most notably the pistol is modeled after the very first collaborative pistol between Agency Arms and Tu Lam from Ronin Tactics! This pistol features a CNC aluminum slide and a CNC stainless steel outer barrel with a PVD finish. The Ronin Pistol features the signature Dragon Scale Front Serrations, an RMR cut with Bonesaw cut battle plate, Ronin Tactics' signature red slide plate, and steel suppressor sights. The outer barrel is a 14mm CCW threaded barrel that is based on the Agency's Premier Line barrel and comes with an Agency-style thread protector. The Ronin Tactics Logos are engraved on the slide, barrel, and slide plate.

The Ronin Pistol comes with an adjustable Syndicate trigger. Besides sporting the Syndicate branding, it allows the user to fine-tune their trigger for a desired optimal trigger pull. The frame of the pistol also brings something new to the user experience - the signature Shark Scale Faux Stipple. The Shark Scale Faux Stipple provides friction that is closest to a real stipple job and the pre-cut frame provides each user with a comfortable yet secure surface to hold and control while shooting. Overall, this pistol is designed to provide end users with the best out-of-the-box shooting experience without the need for extra modifications or a custom pistol's price tag.

Further Specifications:

RMR Optics Cut Ready

The Ronin Pistol slide comes pre-cut with an optics cut that is based on the Trijicon RMR footprint. This means any micro red dot sights with an RMR footprint can be installed onto this pistol.

CNC Stainless Steel PVD Coated Threaded Outer Barrel

The Ronin Pistol comes with a stainless steel outer barrel with a PVD coating to simulate the real pistol's gold finish. The threading on this outer barrel is 14mm CCW, allowing users to install whatever preferred mock suppressors/tracer units. We have included an o-ring on the threaded barrel to ensure any accessories attached to the outer barrel will be snug and secure.

Fully Licensed Authorized Markings

RWA Agency Arms Ronin Pistol is built under Agency Arms, Lone Wolf Arms, and Ronin Tactics licenses with their official company markings as well as Agency Arms' sub-company Syndicate's trademarks as well.

Same Exact Dimensions As Real Steel

The Ronin Pistol is made to match its real steel counterpart's dimensions. Meaning it will fit all standard Glock holsters and can take the majority of pistol attachments such as lasers and flashlights that are compatible with either Glock or 1913 Picatinny accessory mounting system.

Shark Scale Faux Stippling

Despite the Lone Wolf Timberwolf lower frame that provides superior ergonomics on gripping the pistol, the frame will come pre-cut and textured in its unique Shark Scale faux stippling, providing friction that is closest to a real stippled texture and the pre-cut frame provides each user with a comfortable yet secure surface to hold and control while shooting.

Pre-installed Guide Hop System

The pre-installed guide hop system allows the user to adjust the hop up with ease by simply using an Allen key, without needing to remove the slide.

Adjustable Syndicate Trigger

New to the RWA Agency Arms lineup is the adjustable Syndicate trigger. Besides sporting the Syndicate branding, it also allows the user to fine-tune their trigger for a desired optimal trigger pull.

Included Removable Magwell

The pistol comes pre-installed with a removable Timberwolf magwell, allowing users to perform reloads faster and easier.

Officially licensed Timberwolf Frame

The Ronin Pistol comes pre-installed with a Timberwolf lower frame by Lone Wolf Arms which includes: a choice of 2 quick-change grip backstraps, an extended beaver tail, a squared ambi-swappable magazine catch, a higher grip angle, and an improved rail system. Simply by installing the slim-profile backstrap, the user will instantly have the smallest sculpted grip in the industry similar to the 1911; installing the swelled backstrap will have a closer resemblance to a Springfield XD or a SIG Sauer pistol, allowing this frame to cater to almost all types of users.

Furthermore, the frame already comes pre-cut and pre-textured based on Agency Arms' requirements, making this probably the best pistol frame to use on the market.

Steel Suppressor Front and Rear Iron Sights

Out of the box, the pistol comes pre-installed with steel suppressor front and rear sights, allowing users to still use the iron sights as a backup if a red dot is installed. if a mock suppressor/ tracer is installed on the barrel the iron sights are still tall enough so users can still aim down using the iron sights

Extended slide release/ slide stop

The extended slide release, allows users to engage and release the slide catch a lot easier without breaking from their grip.

Magazine Compatibility:

  • RWA EXA Magazine
  • Umarex / VFC Glock 17, 18C, 19X Magazines
  • Tokyo Marui G Series Model 17 Magazines (Requires some smoothing for a proper fit)


  • x1 RWA Agency Arms Ronin Pistol
  • x1 Magazine
  • x1 Contoured Back Straps (Slimline Pre-Installed)
  • x1 Optics Shim



Delivery & Returns

For Small items smaller than pistol size, we use Royal Registered Mail within UK.

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We have 7 days return policy after you received the items, but the full refund is based on the items or parts not be used & installed.  If the parcel has been damaged on delivery, please keep the parcel as is and email us the pic straight away. So we can deal with the delivery company about the damage.

We cannot offer refunds for products that have been used and are simply being returned because the customer no longer likes it.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Accidental damage (including magazine feed lips & damage from skirmishing).
  • Any routine maintenance required.
  • Any faults arising from misuse; this includes use of poor quality bbs, any internal damage caused by jammed BBs, overcharging batteries or using the incorrect battery or charger for the gun.
  • Any faults arising from using the wrong gas for temperature conditions, for example Tokyo Marui and other ABS guns must only use 144a gas when ambient temperatures are above 10 Degrees Centigrade.  In very hot conditions, i.e 25 degrees C and above, some pistols with metal slides must only use 144a gas (this is because gas pressure is increased with temprature). Every gas gun is different and you must check the gas you are using is correct.
  • Any faults arising from overcharging of batteries.
  • Any faults arising from repairs / upgrades / maintenance not carried out by us.
  • Any products that have been altered or adjusted in any way from their original format (unless the alterations were carried out by our technicians).
  • Customised items cannot be returned, this includes painted two toned VCRA compliant guns.
  • Normal wear and tear to parts such as, but not limited to gears, pistons, tappet plates,seals and gaskets.


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