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  Our Price: $32.00
ProWin Magazine Lip Gas Seal and Reinforced Hammer Spring for Inokatsu (Pack of 5)

ProWin Magazine Lip Gas Seal and Reinforced Hammer Spring for Inokatsu (Pack of 5)

 Install these magazine lip gas seals to make your ProWin magazines compatible for the Inokatsu M4 Gas Blowback series. This package comes with a stiffer hammer spring for the Inokatsu M4 since the factory Inokatsu spring is a bit too soft to reliably strike open the valve on ProWin gas magazines.

The version 2 magazine has a roller wheel on the valve lock lever to ensure even smoother and more reliable cycling of the bolt and like WA and Bomber mags the fill valve is on the back rather than the bottom, to minimize fouling during skirmishing and maintain a realistic look when the mag is in the gun. Like the real steel it is gun metal grey rather than jet black and has a decent weight to it which forces you to handle it more realistically.

Special Note for Inokatsu M4 Owners For those of you wishing to use the ProWin M4 gas magazines in an Inokatsu M4, we recommend you to purchase this product. The reason is because the Inokatsu M4's factory hammer spring is sometimes not stiff enough to strike open the valve on this ProWin gas magazine. The stiffer hammer spring as part of this package solves that problem. Additionally, the custom shaped gas lips are optimized for the Inokatsu M4.

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