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Play Wargame with us
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Parcel cost? How to pay?
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現在我地正籌辦一些War Game 活動, 以室內wargame 為主, 歡迎參與
We are organising some wargame activities every month
Please add us on FACEBOOK: EDDIE CRW

地點: 觀塘及新蒲崗
時段: (A) 10:00-14:00          (B) 15:00-19:00
          (C) 20:00-00:00         (D) 00:30-04:30
訂場人數: 任何時段需26位或以上 (包全場)
每節收費 租借裝備 (#)
星期一至四 $180 $90
星期五﹑六及日 $220 $90
公眾假期及前夕 $220 $90
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    Youtube of experience player with their own gear & gun. This is what most of the HK indoor CQB site looks like.

We are organising some wargame activities every month, mainly indoor wargame for summer May-Oct, open to anyone to join. No matter how many person you have, we will try to gather enough people to start the game on the date.
If you have 26or more ppl, you can 

Location: Kung Tong or San Po Kong ( 10min walk from Diamond Hill MTR)

Section Time : (A) 10:00-14:00          (B) 15:00-19:00
                         (C) 20:00-00:00          (D) 00:30-04:30
Booking: If you have more than 12 people, your group can take 1 section or whole site.  
Charged in each section Equipment for rent *
Monday to Thursday $180 $90
Friday, Saturday and Sunday $220 $90
Public Holiday $220 $90
* Equipment for rent:
- Electric air gun (usualy G36c, mp5), magazine, masks, gloves and 2000 rounds of BB bullet
室內 War game 室外 War game

特點 在一個較細少的空間內進行。例如:樓梯﹑睡房﹑客廳﹑洗手間等等......而室內近戰的交戰距離只有 0 至 2.5 米 在一個較大的空間裡發生﹐例如:叢林﹑城市﹑海岸等等......交戰距離往往是 50 米至 300 米左右
Outdoor Wargame Indoor Wargame
Training Through a series of the training, learning a variety of tactical shooting technique, tactical application and leadership training, also exercise a strong body, to enhance the participants confidence, judgment, team spirit, shooting accuracy and reaction.
Features Outdoor wargame usually occupy in a much larger space, for example : Jungle, Carpark, Coast, etc. The engagement distance is around 30-50 meters Indoor wargame, the space is relatively small, for example: stairway, bedroom, office, etc. The engagement distance is around 0-30 meters.

Outdoor WarGame 玩法

纖滅 - 以纖滅所有敵人為目的
雙方搶旗 - 旗幟或一件顯眼易見物件,放在場中位置,雙方爭奪,那一隊成功搶到便成功
搶對方旗 - 旗幟或一件物件放在守的一方,攻方將物件得到手,成功撤退便贏
攻守 - 守的一方先佈滿陣地,攻的一方然後攻入,攻的一方能到達守的一方重要位置便贏.   又或者攻的一方能將所有敵人纖滅便贏
保護政要 - 找其中一人做政要人物,對方要在限時內將政要人物殺死便贏
護送VIP - 安全護送VIP到指定地點便贏,VIP可以拿槍,VIP中途不可以被射中
救人質 - 人質被收藏,攻的一方要把人質救出,帶到指定地方
復活 - 中槍後到指定地方或回到起點可以重生然後再進入戰區駁火,復活人數可以限制、攻守各異、或是無限
其實玩法還可以有很多,以上只是一般War Game的玩法.


兩隊玩家消滅對方之後即獲勝﹐中槍之後需要CALL HIT。根據不同規定﹐有時候每回合每個人可以有多條命﹐中槍之後CALL HIT 之後回到自己基地底線等一陣之後復活﹐當然也有一次HIT的遊戲﹐中槍即死﹐退出遊戲﹐有的時候每個隊也會有醫療兵這樣的角色可以復活其他玩家。

Youtube video of HK Outdoor wargame competition ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hong Kong Rifle + pistol shooting match
IPSC airsoft in HK
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