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  Our Price: USD$1,050.00
Inokatsu COLT M4 MTW SOPMOD Gas Blowback Rifle w/ FREE MAGAZINE (2014 SUPER VERSION)
Inokatsu COLT M4 MTW SOPMOD Gas Blowback Rifle w/ FREE MAGAZINE (2014 SUPER VERSION) Inokatsu COLT M4 MTW SOPMOD Gas Blowback Rifle w/ FREE MAGAZINE (2014 SUPER VERSION) Inokatsu COLT M4 MTW SOPMOD Gas Blowback Rifle w/ FREE MAGAZINE (2014 SUPER VERSION) Inokatsu COLT M4 MTW SOPMOD Gas Blowback Rifle w/ FREE MAGAZINE (2014 SUPER VERSION)
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Inokatsu COLT M4 MTW SOPMOD Gas Blowback Rifle w/ FREE MAGAZINE (2014 SUPER VERSION)

Product Code: INO001-U
Weight: 2,664 g
Length: 780 mm
Capacity: 50 rds
Power: 420 fps
Power Source: Green Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi, Full Auto

Free Magazine (RETAIL ONLY): Every Inokatsu M4 CQBR comes with a ProWin 50 round magazine. We also install a stronger hammer spring to match! Limited time offer only!.

SPECIAL WARNING: Please take care and only use GREEN GAS in this INOKATSU M4 for durability. Using red gas or GHK CO2 magazines may cause pre-mature failure.

With this version, INOKATSU has improved upon their previous 2011 version M4 GBB designs with an improved bolt for greater durability and more stable performance. The upper and lower receivers are also more refined with an improved fit and finish (tighter seam lines between the upper and lower receiver) thanks to a brand new mould. This is a direct improvement based on feedback and discussion between customers, Redwolf and Inokatsu. All improvement made are in an effort to maintain Inokatsu's premium dominance over other GBB rifles for realism, quality, performance and durability. The free MAG is for retail ONLY!

The Inokatsu M4 blowback mechanism to designed to deliver an unparalleled gas blowback experience that generates good usable power, while providing customers with a choice of light or heavy recoil through the use of a removal weight in the bolt! 

It is now available in this 2014's SUPER version, exclusively available at RedWolf Airsoft! 

The bodywork as usual is top notch, and with their 2014 version. Manufacturing process and coating of the receiver is the same as the real steel version (forged + CNC), making the Inokatsu M4 one of the most realistic looking airsoft guns available today. We showed the Inokatsu M4 to a group of Real Steel Shooters in the USA, and they could not see the difference between the Inokatsu M4 and a real M4! 

The color and finishing is spot on. Needless to say, each and every bit of its licensed body work had been expertly engraved into the body, the M4 SOPMOD of course has its ownunique serial code. Realism even shows on the way the selector lever operates, such as not being able to flip the switch from semi / full auto to SAFE position unless the gun is cocked. This is the same as on the real M4. In the spirit of this being a training weapon, the barrel thread is the same thread and measurement as the REAL M4 for realism, but Inokatsu includes an adapter thread if you want to screw on your 14mm CCW (negative thread) silencer or other aftermarket airsoft flash hiders.

The 2014 Version of the INOKATSU M4A1 SOPMOD is built and assembled with exacting precision. The entire gun is solid with no wobbles or shakes making the Inokatsu M4A1 feeling just like the real steel. The Inokatsu M4A1 features a weight adjustable bolt carrier for full control of the shooting experience. At full bolt weight, the Inokatsu M4A1 recoil is similar to a real steel 9mm round with each trigger pull (kick is just as strong as previous version Inokatsu M4). On the semi-automatic firing mode, the INOKATSU M4 SOPMOD is able to completely fire off all 50rds from its magazine. But if you are a skirmisher and want a faster rate of fire rather than recoil, simply remove the weight from the bolt to easily finish 50 rounds in full auto. To maintain a perfect balance between projectile performance hard recoil, Inokatsu had to dial down the power from the originally planned 420fps to approximately 390fps. You may install a precision tight-bore barrel to increase FPS. 

If you leave the lead weight in the bolt and run it at full auto, you may get less than 50 rounds on one charge of gas but you'll enjoy a much stronger recoil for a more memorable shooting experience (rate of fire will be lower though). Regardless, each and every shot with the INOKATSU M4A1 SOPMOD would more than definitely put a smile on your face! The sound is loud and if you put your face against the gun for automatic fire, your ears will ring! If you intend to skirmish with the M4, then we recommend you remove the lead weight on the rear to lighten up the bolt for faster rate of fire and more efficient use of gas.

  • 4x RIS Rail Covers (Black)
  • 1x 14mm CCW thread adapter

Total Length (Extended): 870mm 
Total Length (Retracted): 780mm 

For best results, use with the Prowin M4 gab magazine and Airsoft Surgeon BBs. KSC and Marui BB's may crack during automatic fire in some extreme situations, but we found that Airsoft Surgeon and Excel BB's work much more reliably in the SUPER Version M4 than any other brand. Note that bio-degradable BBs do NOT work well in this gun and may completely fragment and crush, jamming and damaging the gun. 

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