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G&P CAR-15 (New Style) AEG
G&P CAR-15 (New Style) AEG G&P CAR-15 (New Style) AEG G&P CAR-15 (New Style) AEG G&P CAR-15 (New Style) AEG
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G&P CAR-15 (New Style) AEG


Product Description

History about CAR-15
Starting in 1965, Colt attempted to market the M16 rifle as a modular weapons platform that could fulfill all of the various needs of an army, similar to the marketing plans for the AR-10, its predecessor, and the Stoner 63, its rival. In order to compete with the Stoner 63 which could be converted into a belt-fed light or medium machine gun, Colt also included the short-lived CMG-1 and CMG-2 machine guns in the CAR-15 Military Weapons System, though the CMG-1 and CMG-2 had few parts in common with the CAR-15s. By using various upper assemblies, buttstocks, and pistol grips, the weapon could be configured as an assault rifle, a heavy-barreled automatic rifle, a carbine, a submachine gun, or as a survival rifle.

Due to their compact size, the short-barreled Colt Commando and XM177 versions of this family continued to be issued to the U.S. military after the Vietnam War.

1/1 Scale Electric Powered Airsoft AEG from G&P Industries
FULL METAL Constructed receiver body

- Custom M16A1 Metal Body (Engrave "COLT" Licensed trademark On Metal Body Receiver)
- CAR-15 Handguard Kit
- CAR-15 Flash Suppressor (Silencer Version) (GP948A)
- M16 Magazine (130rds) (GP094)
- M16A1 Grip with Heat Sink End Set (Black) (GP256)
- Extendable CAR-15 Buttstock
(Latch recessed in the back allowed it to be extended and locked into position)
- M4 Trigger Guard (CNC Process) (GP836)
- 8mm Bearing Gearbox

Recommend to use 7.2V / 8.4V battery to maximize durability
Opening the bolt cover to adjust HOP UP
Utilize 6mm Plastic Bullet, this rifle give you a supreme accuracy on the target
Sling mount can be installed with single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling

Additional Information

Item Weight (gram) 2785
Major Color Black
Length 720mm / 780mm (Extended)
Barrel Length ~260mm
Hop-up Adjustable
Shooting Mode Semi/Fully Automatic
Gearbox Type 2
AEG Motor G&P M120 High Speed Motor
Blow Back No
AEG Power Source 7.2V / 8.4V
Barrel Thread Type Clockwise
Barrel Thread Diameter 14mm
Magazine Capacity 130 Rounds
Bullet Type 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity) 380 FPS
Auto Firing Rate 700 ~ 850 Rounds per Minute
Package Includes
  • G&P CAR-15 Airsoft (New Style)
  • 130rds M16 Type Magazine
  • Original Box
Manufacturer G&P

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