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  Our Price: USD$275.00
ARES Amoeba M4-AA Assault Rifle (Short Long / DE)
ARES Amoeba M4-AA Assault Rifle (Short Long / DE) ARES Amoeba M4-AA Assault Rifle (Short Long / DE) ARES Amoeba M4-AA Assault Rifle (Short Long / DE)

ARES Amoeba M4-AA Assault Rifle (Short Long / DE)

Ares have been known for producing quality airsoft guns with a reasonable price tag for them, but they never stop to innovate, recently they have introduced us the Ares X Amoeba series, which features their new Amoeba modular handguard system, Amoeba Pro retractable stock and Amoeba Pro straight backstrap grip. The newer handguard system, retractable stock and straight backstrap grip enhances the overall controllability, texture and flexibility to adapt to different mission specifications.

The highlighted feature of the series would be with the premium polymer modular handguard system, the lower half of the handguard is slotted and is held by 2 metal rails, these slots could be replaced with the hand stop, laser, tactical light and fore grips from Ares Amoeba handguard accessories series. The side of the handguard could also be attached with additional side rails (optional item). The polymer lightweight retractable stock locks at 6 positions and hides the battery within the stock tube (small tamiya plug). The pistol grip has been pre-textured, so similar to stippling it reduces slip and provides a firm grip for precision shots. Other than the three main features, there are also other little enhancements that make this series shine from the others right out of the box, these enhancements include:


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