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Parcel cost? How to pay?
Parcel cost? How to pay?
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UK Option 2) Declaration form with your UKARA card copy
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UK Option 2) Declaration form with your UKARA card copy

14Feb 2008
From UKARA web
We can send Airsoft gun to UK now. But after you placed an order to us, please sign and return a CRW declaration form with the following evidence by email in either JPG or PDF format .
Customs Clearance of Realistic Imitation Firearms.
Posted January 12th, 2008 by admin
We have been told by a member of HM Revenue and Customs Coventry International Hub that they will accept for clearance evidence for RiF imports the following.
1)A copy of your UKARA completed registration form with signatures and stamps from the gaming sites and/or;
2)A copy of your membership card for a gaming site and/or;
3)A letter on headed paper from the gaming site to confirm you are a member of their site.
And that the 1st would probably be the preference. As 3 can easily be forged.
They have also said that their aim is to stop all RiF imports until eligibility of the importer is confirmed.
We would suggest that players on obtaining a fully stamped and signed UKARA Players form take a photocopy before sending in the completed form to a retailer of their choice for registration if they have the intention of direct importation in the future.
13 January 2008
We can send Airsoft gun to UK now. UK customer has to sign and return a declaration form before we send out the items.
The UKARA is the number you register with your local game site.
If you do not have one, we recommend you register with them before purchase from us. Otherwise Customs may seize or destroy your parcel and we do not responsible for that.
Tactical gear and accessories DO NOT need to fill this declaration form.
CRW Airsoft
Here is the TXT format.
I hereby declare that I am a legally registered owner and user of Airsoft equipment and understand all terms and conditions of the VCR Bill involving replica and imitation firearms. I understand that I take full responsibility when importing this RIF and that all incursions there after should be to me and not the sender.
Below is my name, address, contact number and my skirmisher id number:
[Please write in block capitals]
Signed :
Date :

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