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Echo1 M240B (Licensed by Ohio Ordnance)
Echo1 M240B (Licensed by Ohio Ordnance) Echo1 M240B (Licensed by Ohio Ordnance) Echo1 M240B (Licensed by Ohio Ordnance) Echo1 M240B (Licensed by Ohio Ordnance)
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Echo1 M240B (Licensed by Ohio Ordnance)

Manufacturer: Ecoh1

Weight: 10.5 kg with box

Power: 400fps with 0.2g BB

Metal Gear box: Yes

Adjustable Hop up: Yes

TM compatible Hop up: Yes

Hi-Capacity Magazine: Included 4000rd

Battery and Charger: Included 9.6V large battery

The very definition of a modern classic, the M240 was first known as the FN MAG and was designed in the 50s, began production in the late 70s and first used by the US military in the 80s. The aficionados have been begging for an Airsoft replica for almost as long and now finally we have the M240B in all its glory.

A full metal AEG with only minor accents in polymer, and only then for ergonomics, is beyond beastly; this weapon is an industrial tyrannosaurus. The weapon alone comes in at around 7 kg / 16 lbs but fully loaded with magazine, battery and BBs it skyrockets to a supermassive 10 kg / 22lbs. A combination of that weight with its length of 125cm / 49 Inches clearly makes it one of the most hardcore skirmishable support weapons in Airsoft.

It packs a heck of a punch at 400 fps; not too much, but definitely a solid long range hitter. Its power is paired with a massive 4000 round capacity which will keep your enemies head down for most of the day. With size, weight, metal, power and capacity this weapon is not just impressive, it is downright monstrous. Needless to say, the weapon is full auto only and with these stats it means we can only feel sorry for the hapless individual who get caught in the torrent of fire from this machine.

As if that was not enough, the weapon comes included with a large 9.6v battery and 220v charger so it truly is good to skirmish right out of the box. Do please bear in mind that due to the epic proportions of the weapons size and weight as well as the well padded box, the complete package comes to about 15kg / 33lbs. in total.

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