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CRW Special (Gas ver) KTW M1873 Carbine
CRW Special (Gas ver) KTW M1873 Carbine CRW Special (Gas ver) KTW M1873 Carbine CRW Special (Gas ver) KTW M1873 Carbine
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CRW Special (Gas ver) KTW M1873 Carbine

The only skirmishable M1873 airsofgun on market.

This M1873 gas rifle is based on KTW M1873 which has good looking and durable base structure.

And by adding powerful and reliable CNC gas system cocking force has been lowered and fps is dramatically increased.

It uses stick type magazine that can be easily reloaded.

M1873 carbine version shoots 0.2BB around 450fps.

And can dump its 37round magazine in 30seconds.

So, it has enough fps for skrmish, durable outer shell and inner system, finally, magazine reloading system.

It will be best choice if you want to use lever action rifle for skirmish or backyard shooting.

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