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Parcel cost? How to pay?
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  Our Price: $173.00
Angry Gun Retractable Gas Tank Stock for Tokyo Marui M870
Angry Gun Retractable Gas Tank Stock for Tokyo Marui M870 Angry Gun Retractable Gas Tank Stock for Tokyo Marui M870

Angry Gun Retractable Gas Tank Stock for Tokyo Marui M870

Ever felt as if you wanted a Collapsible Stock on your Tokyo Marui M870 rather than its own stock? Angry Gun have designed a very smooth replacement for the stock where the gas is chambered into the stock tube itself. It flows perfectly along the back of the M870 receiver and sits right behind the trigger group. It doesn't come with pistol grip or stock so it's your decision as to what you can add there.

People have been having problems with the Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Tank and this is the best solution to get around that.This completely replaces the original gas tank with its own version allowing for 80 shots. That's 80% in comparison to the original but you can have any M4 butt stock that can fit on the stock tube.

Since the butt stock can be removed, you can add any kind of stock you wish so long as it able to fit on a GBB M4 as it has a identical system. You wanted a tactical M870? You're getting one!

- Only For Marui M870
- Material: Metal
- CNC Stock Tube (Black)
- Comes with QD sling mount able to attach to 2 sling mount points

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